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Portrait Art of Uzbekistan

History of paintings and portraiture on the territory of modern Uzbekistan
From antiquity portraits and sculptures through unique miniature art to the Renessaiance of portraiture in the 20th century.
New age of Uzbek portrait art: emergence of remarkable talents and gifted artists, including women.
According to written sources, fine arts have developed in the territory of Uzbekistan since ancient times. The houses of rich aristocrats, palaces and inns were decorated with different pictures and samples of sculpture. Those pictures and sculptures were created on the basis of plots of famous epic poems of the time. Introduction of numismatics in Central Asia and coin mintage resulted in the formation of particularly miraculous art of making portraits. Not only outer appearance but also the character of those rulers who were depicted on the portraits of the period are worth paying attention in terms of their truthful description.

Painting and sculptural arts can be found as an inseparable part of social life in samples of fine arts that have reached us since early feudal period. In this period, fine arts were widely used in decorations of buildings. The subject matter of mural painting and monumental sculptural arts kept changing in connection with architecture. Thus, romantic compositions praising brave deeds of horsemen and monumental themes connected with important historical events began replacing the antique themes. The rulers of states appeared in Central Asia paid а particular attention to the decoration of their palaces and castles, inns and baths with topical and picturesque paintings as well as reliefs. Those pictures portrayed battles and hunting, reception ceremonies and parties, and hokims (mayors).

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