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Uzbek Art after independence

After Uzbekistan gained its independence, а new period commenced in the history of Uzbek art. The establishment of Uzbekistan Academy of Arts in 1997 in accordance with the decree of the President Islam Karimov gave а start to а new stage of cultural development. As а result of the annulment of ideological control, those artists who gained the freedom of work began creating works of art using diversity of stylistic devices. The establishment of Uzbekistan Academy of Arts opened а way for the acceleration of this process.

Freedom of work in the years of independence has led to researches, to the development of different styles and directions in arts. The artists' innermost feelings and thoughts began defining the assessment criteria of the art. The themes in the art diversified. First of all, events connected with the national history attracted the attention of many artists. Increased interest in national themes and history during the years of independence gave а big push to the development of historical genre and its inseparable part — historical portraits. Portraits were painted devoted to Temur and historical persons of the Temurids period. Famous works of art on this theme were accomplished by Malik Nabiyev, Chingiz Akhmarov, Nemat Kuziboyev, Kutlugh Basharov, Javlon Umarbekov, Erkaboy Masharipov, Zayniddin Fakhriddinov, Alisher Alikulov, etc. The competitions held in painting iconographic portraits of Amir Temur, Mirzo Ulugbek and Jа1o1IddIn Manguberdi also played an important role in this process. During these years the characters such national heroes as Zoroaster, Tumaris, Gurugli, Alpomish and Spitamen were also created in colour representation, sculpture and graphic arts; the portraits of repressed writers, poets and other intellectuals were painted.

The people of every period of time wanted to see the figures of their contemporaries. It is quite natural since the spiritual world of the peoples of periods, their interest to the world and nature are expressed in arts. New Features of these arts can be found in portraits painted during the years of independence by Akmal Ikromjonov, Sobir Rakhmetov, Muhammad Nuriddinov, Chori Bekmirov, Muhammadiyor Toshmurodov, 0rif Muinov, Erwin Jurаyеv, Tohir Karimov, Erkin Aralov, Kamoljon Boboyev, Eshmamat Haitov, etc.

The difference between portraiture and other forms of art is in that it analyses and commemorates in history, first of all, the figure of а human being and the changes in his spiritual world. Uzbek portraiture is по exception of such features as well. It also makes one have а glance at his past, today and tomorrow as mirrors of times and have а deep look at the land he is living on.

Галерея искусств "Артбаза", 2002-2013гг.
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