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Portraiture in Bukhara

Starting from the second part of the 16Ф century Bukhara played а great role in the artistic life of Central Asia. Неге the portraiture began to develop. The portraits of khans, including Abdullakhan and Imamkulikhan's portraits were painted. Great masters of miniature painting as Abdulla Bukhari, Menuchehr and Jаmа1IddIn Yusuf who lived in the period of the Shaybanids also took their places accordingly from the pages of history. Some of their works that have reached us are the samples of highest taste and creativity.

As а result of uneasiness, rebellions and а popular uprisings during the reign of the Ashtarkhanids, а great many artists as well as miniature painters began moving from Central Asia to other countries, especially, to India which was under the rule of the Baburids'. Muhammad Murad Samarkandi and Nadir Murad Samarkandi were also among them.

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