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Behzod and School of Miniature

The Middle East miniature school reached its zenith in this period. This progress was reflected in Kamaliddin Behzad's (1455-1530) works of art. Having sufficiently mastered all achievements in the field of fine arts, he created real pictures that portrayed humanistic ideals and foremost concepts. Behzad's earliest works that have survived up to the present date back to 1470-1490 years. During these years he painted pictures in large numbers for epic poems and chronicles.

Kamaliddin Behzad created works efficiently in portraiture as well. His portraits of Alisher Navai, Abdurrahman JаmI, Hussein Baykara, etc. can be а clear evidence for it. His portrait of Sultan Hussein Mirzo is being kept in а private collection in Paris. Kamaliddin Behzad could realistically describe Sultan Hussein Mirzo's inner and outer world. The portrait by him is being kept in а private collection in the USA.

Another famous representative of Central Asian miniature school is Makhmud Muzahhib, whose real name was Makhmud Shaykhzada. Не learned the secrets of fine arts from Kamaliddin Behzad and Mirak Nakkash. Because Makhmud was а highly skilled person in designing books and painting miniatures, he acquired the penname 'Muzahhib', i.е. 'gilder'. Makhmud Shaykhzada's about 30 works are known today. One of the earliest works of the artist is Alisher ХачаГБ picture where he posed leaning on his walking stick. Makhmud Muzahhib's apprentices also added greatly to the development of the art of making books and miniatures.

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