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Uzbek Art in 1940s-50s

The new stage of the Uzbek portraiture began in the late 40s and at the beginning of the 50s of the 20th century. During these years considerable number of works was created, early steps were taken for group portraits and new researches were carried out on the theme of historical portraits.

Abdulhak Abdullayev dedicated his creative activity to the genre of portrait. His works of art are being kept in the museums of the Republic and foreign countries.

The artist's ability to describe the human spiritual world to perfection enriched with new achievements and gave birth to the гаге works of Uzbek portraiture. His "Portrait of Kamil Yashin", "Portrait of Academician Yolkin Turakulov", "Self-portrait", "Shahlo" and other works are worth paying attention.

Valentin Fadeev could skilfully генеа! the spiritual state of the object to be painted. His works as "Portrait of the carpenter" (1954), "Portrait of Zulin buva" (1958), "Woman guard" are filled with gentle humour.

Portraits of "Rashid Timurov", "Mukarrama Turgunboyeva", "Zulfiya" and "Halima Nosirova" by Chingiz Akhmarov can be kept in mind for their artistic plastic solutions.

Those artists as Rahim Ahmedov, Cannon Saidov, Nemat Kuziboyev, Yusuf Yelizarov and Tachat Oganesov who worked actively in the portraiture in the late 50s and in the 60s of the 20th century also enriched the ideological plastic aspect of this art. They strengthened further the academic school tendencies in the portraiture.

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